Children’s Wigs

kids wig, children wig For children who are afflicted by cancer one of the more devastating issues they have to deal with beyond the disease itself is the side effects of the treatments that they have to endure. Not only do they make them feel sick and listless for a few days afterwards but they have a dramatic effect on their appearance. Chemotherapy may help to wipe out the disease, but it also wipes out their hair which for most children makes it very hard to fit in with their peers and feel comfortable. The only way to help with this self esteem problem is get your child a wig. Before assuming that the type of radiation treatment your child is going to receive will cause hair loss, take the time to talk to your doctor and the staff at the hospital where the treatments are to be given. In some cases there will be no hair loss and with others only a small amount of loss occurs. In both of these cases there may be no need to buy your child a wig, since neither will result in baldness. If there is hair loss however, we have the necessary experience with At Gabi's Wigs we have decades of experience with providing wigs for kids to assist you in finding the right wig for your child.

Small amounts of hair loss can usually be covered by a different hair style or by a skilled hairstylist. Once you have ascertained that your child is going to suffer hair loss, it is time to sit down with them and discuss their options. Younger children are not as likely to be overtly upset over their hair loss; many of them see it as a trophy for overcoming the cancer. Teenagers on the other hand tend to be far more concerned over their looks and may be devastated by the loss of hair, especially young ladies. Buying a wig for a child may be the best way help them keep their self esteem during this trying time in their life. Before your child goes in for their first treatment you should take the time to save a fair sized lock of their hair. This will help them find a wig when the time comes that most closely resembles the color of their own hair, should that be what they want to do.

There will be a period of time between when the treatments start and when your child will actually need or want to wear a wig. A child at this time may still wish to cover their head to hide the growing loss of hair. You should help them try on several different styles of hats and scarves until they find one that will suit them until it is time for the wig. There are many different types and styles of wigs available for the cancer patient some are made with real human hair, others are fully synthetic and still others are a blend of both. Before heading out to buy your child a wig ask your doctor to provide you with a prescription so that your insurance company will pay for it. There are many places to buy a wig for a child such as Gabis Wigs where you can buy a wig for your child. Once you have the right wig take it and your child to your favorite stylist and have them style it to your child's face and head for the best results.